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Shenyang Chemical makes CHINAPLAS2016 debut
Source:SYCC Date:2016-05-04

On Apr. 25 to 28, 2016 Shenyang Chemical together with China Bluestar Co. took part in CHINAPLAS 2016.

CHINAPLAS, being the largest international exhibition on plastics and rubber industries in Asia and second largest in the world, has more than 30 years history so far. This event attracted 3300 rubber and plastic top suppliers from more than 40 countries on the theme of Innovative Green Plastics and Intellectual Future. This year Shenyang Chemical as a debut in the fair showcased 6 kinds of products and over 10 downstream application products, demonstrating its research & development and production capability in the field of advanced chemical material.

Shenyang Chemical is the largest PVC paste resin manufacturer in Asia, possessing not only highest capacity but also strongest research & development capability. The products were exhibited here including chlorine vinegar paste resin and medical glove paste resin that are developed independently by Shenyang Chemical to fill the domestic gap. Metallocene polyethylene was also displayed as the new product that is domestic-made first in stable operation by Shenyang Chemical. These products got extensive attention from visitors in the exhibition.

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