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Shenyang Chemical 78-year-old factory area closed successfully
Source:SYCC Date:2016-03-31

On 10:50 am of Mar. 25, Shenyang Chemical old factory area close ceremony was ongoing. Witnessed by hundreds of employees present, the old factory area of 78 years history came to successful end with the national flag, Shenyang Chemical Co. flag and China Bluestar Co. flag slowly lowering.

In the future Shenyang Chemical will continue its history and honor in the new factory area and take efforts to build up a hundred- year large powerful enterprise. As employees from Shenyang Chemical swear, they will inherit old Shenyang Chemical’s good tradition and open up new Shenyang Chemical’s glorious future. Shenyang Chemical will have more space to develop after relocating and upgrading. 200’000 tons/year PVC paste resin plant retakes No. 1 manufacturer in Asia. Meanwhile Shenyang Chemical will target to build the largest PVC paste resin production base in the world, and turn to a giant in the sector. In future Shenyang Chemical will set new chemical material like PVC paste resin as the core, try its utmost to extend products links such as chlor–alkali chemical, petrol chemical and fine chemical, gradually transform product structure into high-end, series and fineness in an aim to become a large modern chemical enterprise with advanced equipment, leading technology and unified comprehensive layout.
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